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A short summary in English

Welcome to the website of Gunnar Kunz, author and illustrator! Here you can find out everything about my books, e-books, audio books, readings and theatre productions.


Abstraktes Bild (Aquarell und Acryl)

Some facts about myself: I was born in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, in 1961. After my A-levels and community service I moved to Hamburg, then on to Berlin, working at several theatres for 14 years, mainly as assistant director. During that time I lived in Scotland for about 2 years, the country which I consider to be my second home. Since 1997 I have been working as a full-time author (novels, theatre plays, musicals, audio books, lyrics for songs in German and English). In 2010 I was nominated for the literary award of Wartholz.

From time to time I also work as an illustrator (CD-booklets, posters for theatre plays, book illustrations ) and as a cartoonist. In order to separate my written work from my artwork I have chosen the pen-name ‘Rannug’ for the latter.


Excerpts from an interview:

I like writing for children and I love fairy tales. Besides, I always get annoyed about theatre plays for children in which the subject and the audience are treated with ignorance. I have been trying to prove that you can leave the fairy tales intact, yet still create a modern play. Fairy tales are archetypical stories. They tell us about maturation and developmental stages of mankind. So whenever I adapt a fairy tale for the stage I trust the power, the poetry and the wisdom that lies within.

As for my series of crime novels set in Berlin of the 1920s, I’m trying to tell the story of the Weimar Republic in Germany. It’s a fascinating subject, dominated by the harsh contrast between the decrepit structures of the Kaiser Empire on the one hand and a new kind of freedom on the other.

My main subject though is fantasy of all kinds and the fantastic genre. I strongly believe that fantasy can be just as literary and important as any other literature.


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